About Abbey


Hi my name is Abbey, I live in a  little village in the Midlands with my husband Jonathan and beautiful little girl, Hetty.

I’ve always had an interest in both fitness and cooking but it wasn’t until I became pregnant that it really turned into a passion. All of a sudden I was going to be responsible for somebody and I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as possible for my baby as well as for myself.

Before becoming a Mum I worked as a commercial model for around 16 years and had a great career that I thoroughly enjoyed. I got to do some amazing things, travel to some incredible places, meet some great people and for that I’m truly grateful. However, I also experienced the other side of the industry too. I’ve been to many castings where I’ve been told I’m too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, eyebrows too thin (yes, really!) but thankfully I learnt quite quickly not to take these comments to heart. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when my confidence has taken a complete battering! I’ve been at castings where I’ve looked at other girls and felt completely unworthy and insanely jealous because they were taller, shorter, thinner, curvier, cooler (the list goes on). It’s taken a good few years but I now realise that those girls would’ve probably been thinking and feeling the same way.

Us women put ourselves under such a huge amount of pressure to look a certain way and to be perfect and its bloody exhausting! The images we see in the magazines aren’t real and we all know that but we still strive for this unachievable perfection. Girl Got Glow is as much about self confidence and loving our bodies as it is about food and fitness!