Are your cosmetics tested on animals? You may be surprised!

Are your cosmetics tested on animals? You may be surprised!

Up until around a year ago I was blissfully unaware of how many big brands tested their products on animals. I just thought that it didn’t happen anymore! 

You see when a brand says

“We don’t test on animals”

unfortunately most of the time this means

We don’t test on animals but we employ a company that does it for us

For those of you who have any of the following brands in your make up bags – it might be time for a change.

Estee Lauder
Bobbi Brown

Sorry to say that all of the above and many more are tested on animals .We’re talking about rabbits in cages having things injected in their eyes. Now, I LOVE make up but no amount of amazing lippy is worth having that on your conscience!

So, since realising all of this I have spent A LOT of money trying to find products that were as good as my trusty high st brands. I’m not going to lie, there is a LOT of rubbish out there!!

I was looking for products which were 100% NOT tested on animals, didn’t contain nasty chemicals and were as natural as possible. I try to choose organic food because I’m aware of what these nasty chemicals  can do to our bodies but it took me a little longer to realise that all of the products I was happily slapping on my face morning and night (and there were a lot!) contained these chemicals too and were being absorbed into my body exactly the same way!

There’s no shortage of natural, cruelty free cosmetics out there  – all you have to do is google but there is a shortage of natural, cruelty free products that actually work! For an awful moment I thought I would need to choose between cruelty free, natural cosmetics that were rubbish and ones that worked wonders but contained things I couldn’t pronounce and had been tested on bunnies!

Thankfully I was bullied into trying Arbonne.  I say bullied because I’d made my mind up before trying Arbonne that it was going to be rubbish. How wrong was I! Yes, they are pricey, around Clinique price point.(Another one for the tested on animals list!) However what you get for your pennies is a product which is ….

  • Cruelty Free and has been for years
  • Vegan Certified – so they contain no animal products or by products
  • Natural and contain no nasty chemicals
  • AND they bloody work!

I’m slowly swapping all of my make up and skin care over to Arbonne and at the moment I’m using the RE9 skin care range, the mascara (sooo good) and the CC creme (Like BB creme but on steroids). My next mission is to try the nutrition range that they do so I’ll report back and let you know my thoughts!

I made the decision to link this up with Girl Got Glow because so many clients have been asking me advice on skincare, cosmetics and supplements. I wanted to be able to recommend something I was using myself and loved. This is it.

Check out the link below and just drop me an email if you’d like to try anything!




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