Ditching Dairy

Ditching Dairy

If you’re thinking about ditching dairy here are some great reasons to give it a go along with some easy swaps!

Dairy has been in the news a lot lately and there have been many statements about how a diet free from cows milk can cause poor bone health. This is not true! Cows milk and dairy in general are NOT the only sources of calcium and in fact there have been studies which show a diet high in cows milk does very little for our bones!

Why I don’t want my family to eat dairy

  1. Hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and puss. Yep, that’s right, that is the cocktail that is cows milk!
  2. We can get calcium from fortified plant milks, almonds and green veg such as broccoli and kale. Eat a varied diet rich in whole foods, add some weight bearing exercise into your week along with a  daily dose of sunshine and your bones will be far better off!
  3. 70% of people are lactose intolerant , this is because we are drinking something that has been custom designed for calves!
  4. Dairy has been linked to increased severity of acne – my skin is so much better since ditching dairy.
  5. There have been many links between dairy and cancers.
  6. The dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated in order to produce the milk, their babies are then taken away. There is a lot more I could go into here but it’s not nice and maybe something you should look into yourself.


Fancy giving it a go and ditching dairy? Here are some easy swaps!

  • Cows milk – try unsweetened almond milk on your cereal or in your coffee and oat milk is lovely on porridge. Soy or almond are fine to replace cows milk in cooking things like a white sauce.
  • Cheese – vegan cheese is getting better and there are some great companies doing nut cheeses. Try sainsbury’s dairy free Feta in salads and their dairy free cream cheese on a sandwich or mixed into pasta. You really can’t tell the difference! There are also great vegan parmesans too.
  • Cream – for cooking just use coconut milk from a can, it’s perfect for curry, soups and stirfry. For drizzling over a pudding Oatly do a great dairy free version of single cream (available in most supermarkets) or if you have more time try whizzing up cashews nuts with a little sweetener such as maple syrup – this makes a lovely healthy cream which tastes amazing. Also whipped coconut milk is pretty good too.
  • Chocolate – There are lots of dairy free chocolates available now but I tend to opt for a good quality dark chocolate. It’s amazing how your taste buds adapt too. If I try a bit of normal chocolate now it tastes way too sweet and not appealing at all.
  • Butter – Again there are loads of dairy free spreads but I prefer to spread humus or an avocado on a sandwich instead. It tastes better and it’s more nutritious! 


So there you have it! Try it for a few days and see how you feel- if nothing else the cows will love you for it 🙂

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