“I want to lose weight but I HATE exercise!”

“I want to lose weight but I HATE exercise!”

Want to lose weight but HATE exercise?

I hear this a lot from clients. “I want to lose weight but hate exercise” but generally what they mean is that they hate the gym! I don’t blame them either! It can be massively intimidating!

To me, exercise is simply moving your body in a way that feels good. We can all do that! It’s just a case of finding what we like to do. For me this changes (A LOT) and that’s ok too.

Have a look at the activities below and give one a go – you may find your “thing.’

Yoga, Running, Body Pump, Areal Yoga, Swimming, Walking, Zumba,Belly Dancing, Horse Riding, Weight lifting, Cycling, Open water swim, Boxing, Pole Dancing, Climbing, Surfing …ok so the last one might be a bit difficult in Birmingham but you get the drift!



How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Exercising

Now what if I said to you that there are LOADS of things you can do to help you lose weight which have NOTHING to do with exercise!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that exercise isn’t important – it is! For many reasons and everyone of us should be doing some kind of regular exercise , be that lifting weights or belly dancing our way around the living room! However there are a few things that we can do that have nothing to do with exercise which will help you lose weight.

It’s all about adopting little habits throughout the day, if you do them a few times they’ll become the norm.


  • Drink 2 Glasses of Water As Soon As You Wake up. Drinking water first thing in the morning will boost your metabolism and rehydrate your body after a long period of no water. Most ladies I work with don’t drink enough water and are basically dehydrated. Dehydration = weight gain. It’s hard to remember when we have a million other things going on. SO grab yourself a big water bottle and take it with you wherever you go. I have one that holds a litre so I fill this twice and make sure I get through it.


  • Have Breakfast.  If you skip breakfast or have one that’s not great – sugary cereal, white toast etc you can guarentee that mid morning the cravings (often for sugar)will  kick in! If you really want to lose weight without exercising think about adding some protein powder to a smoothie or having some scrambled eggs ( happy chickens only please!), scrambled tofu, some great quality porridge oats or even some quinoa porridge.


  • Good Fat Mid-Morning Snack  Eating higher-fat snacks will help you feel full. The opposite is true for high-carb snacks though – they actually make you crave more food! Try eating a few almonds or walnuts around 10am each day. I mean a small handfull though not a packet which is very easily done!


  • 30 Minutes for Lunch  Eating slowly and without distraction is a proven way to actually reduce the amount that you eat and also can reduce your stress, which will also help with weight loss too! So don’t eat on the go. Sit at a table, if possible and enjoy your lunch.


  • Fill Your Dinner Plate with Veggies  Eat most of your calories early in the day and fewer towards the end of the day. Eating earlier gives your body chance to burn off the calories. Your body needs less energy as it prepares to shut down for the night. However we are all used to eating a big meal in the evening – me included!  Instead of counting calories and trying to restrict yourself just eat lots of vegetables, they’re low in calories ,they’ll fill you up and are obviously great for you too!


  •  Evening snack  Sometimes we fancy something after dinner. The key is to eat something high-protein, and low-calorie. Protein digests slowly, so it will keep you feeling full all evening. An easy evening snack is something like edamame beans which can be delicious with a little soy or sprinkling of child and salt. Evening snacking is often more psychological, so you may just be looking for something to nibble on. A high-protein snack like edamame is a good choice!


  • Wind Down for 1 Hour
    Good sleep needs to be high on your priority list. Most of us spend the last minutes of our evening watching TV, or scrolling through Facebook on our phones but the blue light which these devises give off disrupts our sleep massively. Try replacing screen time with reading or listening to a guided meditation.


  • 8 Hours of Quality Sleep 
    You’re less likely to store fat when you’re well rested. In order to get quality sleep, consistency is key. Commit to being in bed at a reasonable time each night.


SO there you have it, follow the tips above and find a way that you like to move and you’ll be on to a wight loss winner!! 🙂

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