Julie’s Story

Julie’s Story

I set up Girl Got Glow because I realised there were very few options available for women that were new to exercise who wanted to change their lifestyle for the better. Don’t get me wrong, there are LOADS of slimming clubs out there but who wants to count points or calories for the rest of time!

The obvious place to start would be the gym I guess but what with the rise of social media madness and selfie taking seemingly being part of everyone’s workouts nowadays, who can blame a lady for feeling a little uneasy about heading to the gym! I go there quite regularly and I feel intimidated by the selfie taking, cropped top wearing crew in there!

So Girl Got Glow was set up to help create healthy lifestyles, be beginner friendly, to promote eating whole foods which nourish the body and to make women prioritise themselves – because we are all a bit rubbish at that! The website launched only a year ago and I’ve had the best time working with some great ladies!!

One lady in particular springs to mind, so I thought it would be good to share her story. It might inspire a few others to face their fears, get fit, enter an event or whatever else they want to do!

Julie got in touch with me around just over 3 months ago – I remember her text because she kept saying “you may not want to take me on…’ which of course immediately made me want to work with her!!!


This is her story in her own words…..

My name is Julie Steventon, I’m 48 years old and I live in Tamworth. In the summer my husband did a mud run with his work mates, as I waited for him I had a realisation that I had started to live my life on the side lines, holding other people’s coats and keys while they did fun stuff. Why was this? Being overweight had massively and negatively impacted on my confidence, and being so fat I had also developed a fine array of extras, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, asthma you name it. So I got home and looked for someone to help me start a couch to 5k programme, I had never ever exercised so I was sure I didn’t even know how to run! Abbey spoke to me and was so kind, she instantly gave me the courage to book a session. I really liked the idea of an exercise session, food advice and constant support.

My first exercise session was awful, I was scared, embarrassed and then mortified that I couldn’t even run for forty seconds but just ten weeks later I could run two miles and at eleven weeks we signed up to do a mud run for St Giles hospice. Again I was scared but with Abbey and an amazing group of women also training with GGG I made it round! I will treasure the experience and my medal always. The sense of achievement I have from that day is incredible but just as importantly my confidence is growing, I’ve lost weight, I’ve reduced my diabetes medication and I’m positive about where I’m going with my health and fitness.

Abbey plans my fitness activities so I have direction and guidance at all times, she makes it very easy, I don’t have to worry I just have to tick off my sessions on the app. I don’t really know why I’ve been so motivated, it was like a switch clicked in my head and a voice said “enough is enough, what are you doing to yourself” so I made a personal commitment that if I was going to do this then I would do it properly.

My goal now is to keep running, do the Kingsbury park run, get more into my strength training which is my phase 2 and do the mud run WITH my husband next July, no more standing on the sidelines. I don’t want this to sound like the ‘exit through the shop’ moment but I wholeheartedly recommend Abbey from GGG to anyone seeking mind and body improvement especially those who are bit lost on where to start, have a lack of confidence in themselves, are scared and need support or anyone who has got to the ‘enough is enough’ stage!

Julie and I are running the 5k Park Run event this weekend. It’ll be her first ever 5k run and I can’t wait to do it with her!!

I think some trainers like to make out that losing weight and getting fit needs to be a complicated affair, counting calories, macros, weighing foods, complicated workouts but it really is simple. Julie is proof that all you need is a little determination and the ability to carry on even when you’ve had a crappy session. From not being able to run for 60 seconds to running her first 5k is such a great achievement! Who knows what’s next for Julie after her Mud Run next year! Maybe a 10k, a triathlon….? Don’t tell her I said that!!!


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