Juices & Smoothies Recipes

I always have a smoothie between breakfast and lunch to keep me going. They’re a great way to get a lot of goodness in one hit and the smoothies really fill you up.

Juices are different to smoothies – Juicers remove the pulp so you’re left with only the juice. They’re not as filling but you get a goodness hit super quick!

Beetroot Booster Juice

“This is my little girl’s favourite because of the bright beetroot colour. If you get the kids involved in the actual juicing they love to drink what they’ve made!”

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GLOW Smoothie

“This is a favourite smoothie of mine when I’ve indulged a bit too much and I need some goodness”

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Cucumber & Ginger Cleanse Juice

“I try to use ginger every day in my juices or smoothies because its great for keeping colds at bay!”

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Banana and Almond Butter Smoothie

“I LOVE this smoothie because it tastes like a Snickers but is full of good stuff!”

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Berry Blast

“This Berry Blast contains Acai which is good for the skin and and an immune booster too.”

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