weight loss

“I want to lose weight but I HATE exercise!”

Want to lose weight but HATE exercise? I hear this a lot from clients. “I want to lose weight but hate exercise” but generally what they mean is that they hate the gym! I don’t blame them either! It can be massively intimidating! To me, exercise is simply moving your body in a way that feels good. We can all do that! It’s just a case of finding what we like to do. For me this changes (A LOT) and that’s ok too. Have a look at the activities below and give one a go – you may find your […]

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Julie’s Story

I set up Girl Got Glow because I realised there were very few options available for women that were new to exercise who wanted to change their lifestyle for the better. Don’t get me wrong, there are LOADS of slimming clubs out there but who wants to count points or calories for the rest of time! The obvious place to start would be the gym I guess but what with the rise of social media madness and selfie taking seemingly being part of everyone’s workouts nowadays, who can blame a lady for feeling a little uneasy about heading to the gym! I […]

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